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Take Shane on your Run

Once you have watched your library of videos it’s time to go outside and start your practice.

This can be a little overwhelming with so much for you to think about, so to support you with your practice a have created an audio file to help you focus on your sequence of movements.

As you run I will ask you questions about your movement that I would like you to answer in your head as you run. Remember changing your movement is a software change so it’s important to think about your movement and how it feels.

Achieving efficient movement is all about creating balance and symmetry in your body and our arms have a vital role to play in this, so it's important that you do not carry your device in your hand as this will challenge that symmetry.

Making notes after your run on how things felt and what your challenges were is a great way of understanding what you have just done and referring to them is good preparation for the next practice session.

Find this in the left-hand bar on the members site under Take Shane on your Run.

Enjoy your practice.

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