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Coaching - Movement Workshops

For details of coaching workshops, please contact Shane directly.
Email: shane.benzie@runningreborn.co.uk Phone: +44 7831 755007

All coaching takes place in the natural environment, away from the treadmill. Shane's research shows that running on a treadmill creates significantly contrasting Kinetic data from that produced running in a natural environment. Analysis and coaching outside ensures that the correct techniques are coached; we run outside so we should learn and practice outside.

Shane's coaching is designed to produce intelligent runners, enabling them to take the knowledge gained from their coaching sessions and develop their technique as they practice. This is achieved by coaching visualisation and a thought process, as well as delivering technical information; we move in the way we perceive we move. If we feel our movement is mechanical then that’s the way we will move. If we understand that we are very fluid, connected and synergistic in our movement, then we will move accordingly. This creates efficiency and significantly reduces the chances of injury.

Coaching Philosophy

Shane's coaching philosophy leads him to take a anthropological view of a runner. If we move like a human is designed to move, that will make us a good athlete. To maximise our potential we must take that human movement and turn it into human performance.

His coaching is designed to create an intelligent runner that has the correct perception of their movement. It encourages them to see changes in gait as a software change rather than teaching the physical body new tricks.

His belief is that if you treat running as a movement skill you start a journey that will challenge both the mind and body which will maximise your chances of reaching your potential.

Human Movement

As humans evolved we gave up a muscular approach to movement and went for a more efficient approach involving the ingenious foot that we have today and standing tall to create an elastic approach to propulsion. Present day human would lose an arm wrestle with a chimpanzee but definitely be victorious in a park run! It’s fascinating that todays human insists on attempting to use muscle to move dynamically instead of the evolutionary gift of elasticity.

This has been the focus for Shane's coaching and research with athletes, tribes and indigenous people across 6 continents. If we move the way we evolved, our fascial system will create strength, elastic recoil and the correct sea of tension to support our skeleton. To maximise our potential we must take human movement and turn it into human performance.

Unique Technology

Shane's organic approach to coaching and natural movement is supported by the latest technology, which provides us with a clear picture of your movement. This enables him to measure progress and set coaching and performance goals.

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